Ubuntu – Messaging

The default messaging software used on desktops today is the Skype software. This software is distributed by Microsoft. Skype by default does not come with Ubuntu installation. It will not be present in the Software Center. We have to download and install it from the official Skype site. Following are the steps to get this in place.

Step 1 βˆ’ Go to the official download site for Skype βˆ’ https://www.skype.com/en/downloadskype/skype-for-computer/

Step 2 βˆ’ The site will automatically understand that we are working from a Linux distribution and provide options for downloading the Linux version of Skype. We will choose the Ubuntu 12.04 version, as this will work on the later distribution.


Step 3 βˆ’ Once the package is downloaded, it will open in the Software Center. Choose the Install option to install the package.

install package

Step 4 βˆ’ Once Skype is installed, we can search for it and launch it accordingly.

launch skype

Step 5 βˆ’ Click the β€˜I Agree’ button in the following screenshot.

click agree button

Skype will now launch.

Step 6 βˆ’ Enter the required credentials to start using Skype.

enter required

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