Ubuntu – Flavors

Ubuntu comes in a variety of flavors. In this chapter, we will discuss briefly some of the popular flavors of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Desktop

This is the operating system that can be used by regular users. This comes pre-built with software that helps the users perform usual basic activities. Operations such as browsing, email, and multimedia are also available in this edition. The latest version as of September 2016 is 16.04.01.

Ubuntu Server

The server version is used for hosting applications such as web servers and databases. Each server version is supported by Ubuntu for 5 years. These operating systems have support for cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure. The latest version as of September 2016 is 16.04.1.


The normal Ubuntu interface is based on a software called Unity. However, Kubuntu is based on a software called KDE Plasma desktop. This gives a different look and feels to the Ubuntu software. Kubuntu has the same features and software availability as Ubuntu. The official site for Kubuntu is https://www.kubuntu.org/

Linux Mint

This is also based on the Ubuntu operating system. It comes pre-built with a lot of applications for the modern user in the space of photos and multimedia. This operating system is completely based on the open-source community.

The official site for Linux Mint is https://www.linuxmint.com/

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