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TestRail provides 2 step procedure of test execution. First add the test run and then execute test run. Add Test Run is simply pulling the existing test cases, as test run where user can execute those based on priority.

Add Test Run

To add test run in Test Runs & Results tab, following steps should perform

  • Go to Test Runs & Results tab
  • Click on Add Test Run button present at various places as shown in below screenshot
add test run button

It opens Add Test Run page where user should enter Name, Milestone, Assigned To, Description as shown in below screenshot

add test run page
  • Now select test cases- there are 2 optionsInclude all test cases − Select this option to include all test cases in this test run. If new test cases are added to the repository, they are also automatically included in this run.Select specific test cases − User can alternatively select the test cases to include in this test run. New test cases are not automatically added to this run in this case.
  • When user selects 2nd option, following additional steps to perform
    • Click on change selection as shown in below screenshot
click on change selection

It opens select cases wizard with all available test cases. User can select entire section or specific test cases from each section as shown in below screenshot and click on OK to make selection.

select cases wizard

User can see number of test cases included and click on Add Run button as following screenshot

number of test cases

Now user can see pie-chart and test cases into Test Runs & Results tab as following

pie chart

Test Run

TestRail supports following 5 statuses of test cases

  • Untested − By default, new tests have the status Untested. Once a test result has been added to a test, it can never change to the Untested status again.
  • Passed − A test case is marked as Passed when test steps are verified as per the expected results.
  • Failed − A test case is marked as Failed if one of the specified test steps is resulted in an error or if the expected result differs from the actual test result.
  • Retest − If a test should be tested again, marks the test as Retest. E.g., if a test originally failed and the developer fixed the problem, the developer can mark it to be retested.
  • Blocked − The Blocked status is used to specify that a test cannot be executed currently because of some external dependency (such as a bug that needs to be fixed before being able to complete to test).
  • Once test run is completed for a test case, status of test case is changes as one of the above. Screenshot displays how to change the status of a test case after run
status of test case
  • Now Add Result wizard opens where Add Results and comments as artifacts. User can record the elapsed time as well by clicking on Start link present at Elapsed field.
  • After that click on Add Result. It completes the test run of a test case.
add result wizard

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