TestRail – Invite Users

To invite new users into your TestRail domain, you need to first navigate to the Main Dashboard or Project Overview and hover over on Invite Users icon present at down of the page as shown in below screenshot

  • When user brings the cursor on Invite Users, it displays generic information about Invite Team Member features and how to invite a user process.
invite team member image
  • Login as Administrator and click on Administration link present at right side.
  • Now select the users and Roles option at right side list.
  • Add Users and Add Multiple Users options are present at right side. Following screenshot displays Add Users option
add users option

Add a user

To add a single user, click on Add User option.

  • It will open a form where enter full name, email address, notification, Language, Locale, Time zone etc as shown in below screenshot
add user
  • Now select the option of invitation as Via Email or manually by setting username and password.
  • After that click on Add User button to complete the invitation process as shown in below screenshot
invitation process
welcome email
  • Once invited, they will receive a welcome email with an activation link. In the screen,a successful message will display along with the name of newly added user as shown in following screenshot

Add Multiple Users

To add multiple users, click on Add Multiple Users option. It will open a form where details should enter as following

  • Enter each user in a separate line in the text box with the format as<full name>, <email address>tutorialspoint, [email protected]
  • Optionally, configure additional field for the users such as role and groups.
  • In the preview, user can see added details are valid or not.
  • By default, send invitation email to new users will be checked.
  • After that click on Add Multiple Users button.

Following screenshot displays how to add multiple users

multiple users

As user click on Add Multiple Users, a pop − up opens stating that users are added successfully as shown in below screenshot

users added successfully

By clicking on Return to Users & Roles, user will navigate to main page where all users will be listed as shown in below screenshot

users and roles

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