TestRail – Free Trial Access

TestRail provides a free trial period of 30 days for new users and registered users with basic features. TestRail has other plans as well with different advanced features and add-ins. Cost depends on number of users. By visiting http//www.gurock.com/testrail/pricing/cloud/ user can see different available plans for trying purpose.

different available plan

Set up for free trials

Visit to http//www.gurock.com/testrail/ and click on Try TestRail at top right as shown in below screenshot

setup for free trials

Now select TestRail cloud (default selection).

It opens a basic form to create a TestRail account.

Enter the details at following fields as shown in following screenshots

  • Web addess − It should be unique and this URL will be used to access qTest application.
  • Name − The one who wants to try the free-version copy.
  • Email − Please note, it accepts gmail,yahoo,outlook. It can be business email as well.

The same email can be used as username to access TestRail.

basic form

After entering all details, check the checkbox for Term & Services and c lick on “Create TestRail TRIAL” as shown in below screenshot.

It will display Confirmation page. User should visit the email and click on confirmation link to activate the account.

create testrail trial
confirmation page

Once email gets confirmed, Thank you message displays and account is being created.

 thank you message

Dashboard of TestRail account displays as below

dasgboard of testrail

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