TestRail – Customize Table

User can customize the test tables in TestRail by adding or hiding columns, changing column widths or changing the grouping or sorting. It is very convenient to display important fields directly on the test run pages.

Following steps should perform while customizing the table

  • Go to Test Cases or Test Run & Results tab.
  • Click on “column” icon, it opens Select Columns wizard.
  • By clicking up and down arrows, user can change the location of the field. The top most field will present at 1st field in the left side.
  • User can change the width of each field by providing numeric value into width text field.
  • There is a delete icon, by clicking there user can delete any field.
select columns wizard
  • There is a link to add additional field name as “Add Column”.
  • When click on Add Column, it opens a wizard where user can select the column name from available list.
  • After that click on Add Column, it will add a new column into Select Columns wizard.
add a new column
  • Now click on the Update Columns button present at Select Columns wizard.
  • Now user can see new column appears in table at test run page as shown in below screenshot
new column

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