Framework7 List Views

List views

List views are used to present data in a scrollable list of multiple rows. There are several types of list views used in Framework7 to work with your application.

List View Usage

List View facilitates users:

  • To navigate through hierarchically structured data.
  • To present an indexed list of items.
  • To display detail information and controls in visually distinct groupings.
  • To present a selectable list of options.

See some of Framework7 List Views:

1)List ViewList views are powerful user interface components, which present data in a scrollable list containing multiple rows.
2)Contacts ListThe contacts list is a type of list view, which can be used to display the list of people contacts.
3)Media List ViewThe Media list view is used to display complicated data structures like products, services, users information.
4)SwipeoutThe swipeout allows you to reveal hidden menu actions by swiping over the list elements.
5)Sortable ListThe sortable list is a type of list view, which sorts the list view elements.
6)Virtual ListVirtual list a type of list view, which includes lists of large number of data elements without dropping their performance.

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