You can have a look at our Database Process Flow.
Adglob Infosystem Pvt Ltd is one of the most efficient Database Providing Companies and provides B2B and B2C Database to our client.

Database Process Flow

The Database Process Flow shall start when you provide us with your requirements.
It could be industries, departments, geography, etc.

As soon as you send us your requirements, we start our work.

Thereafter, we create a database for you and share the number of contacts along with that we also share a sample of that particular database for you to check if the data provided by us is up-to the mark and authentic.

Moreover, we make changes to the database as per your suggestion – just as the way you want!

We could also schedule telephonic meeting or Video Conference to know and understand your requirements in a proper way.

As soon as you would confirm the sample we shall move ahead to raise an estimate.

We then raise an Invoice for you when you confirm the commercials and ask us to proceed.

The database shall be shared with you as soon as we get the payment confirmation.

And Voila! You got your database of your targeted audiences with properly validated contacts ready for your campaign.

We also provide you with a 3 months replacement policy, which makes Adglob reliable and trust worthy.

Furthermore, you can contact us regarding your requirements and our unique feature of replacement policy

Now you must be thinking of how would be able to validate our data from your end.

Certainly, we have mentioned the validation date and time of the email IDs for each contact in the database.

But if you would still wished to validate the data yourself, you could validate our data from the sample file sent to you in two ways.

Firstly, you could mail any random person mentioned in the sample file, the authenticity of the mail ID would be proved when that person from the other end receives or reads your mail.

Secondly, you could check the LinkedIn profile of the executive and see if the contact provided to you is authentic.

In Conclusion, You share your requirements and we get the database process flow started!