Database Portfolio

Database Portfolio

Why was the company created?

Our company was created with the goal of providing the targeted audiences to our clients. 

What are we doing?

With the help of advancing technology, acquiring our products and services has become very easy and convenient.
As our tag line goes- “Get data the way you want”, denotes our hard work to get your audiences to in the easiest way.

Who are our potential clients?

Our potential clients can be from any industry, small scale to large scale, home based to world-wide. 
We promise to give our clients the database as per their requirements.

Where exactly do we offer our products?

We first share asample” or “free data” for your validation purpose. 
Once you are convinced that the data provided to you are the audiences you want aspire, we share the database with you (as per your requirement) via attachment for you to download it.

What makes our business unique?

We use web scrapping methods to get the data for you from various websites like LinkedIn, Government sites, etc. And validate/authenticate the products before we provide it to you with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques .
We also mention the validation time and date against each data that we provide.
The validation process goes on every 90 days for the database for India and 180 days for the database of other countries.

The thing that makes us unique is the promise to provide you with authentic data.
This is why, we have a 3 month replacement policy for every bounced/invalid email ID that is in the database provided to you by us.

What is important to us?

Our aim is to acquire your trust..!

This can only be possible when we provide you with exactly what you asked for.

We have successfully completed projects with companies added to our website and have rightfully earned their trust..!