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Adglob’s Corporate Email Service

As we know, many people have multiple email addresses, including a personal one used to communicate with friends and family and a business one given to them by the company where they work.

The abilities of each email address will vary depending on the type of personal email account a person chooses to use and the type of account the corporation sets up for him. Etiquette and security also vary, depending on which account you’re using and what messages you’re sending.

Email Access

Personal email accounts is accessed from almost anywhere, even if you read your mail at home through programs like Microsoft Outlook. Most personal email services have Web-based email inboxes where you can read, write and edit email from any computer.

Similarly, many corporations have email accounts that can only be accessed at work or through a work computer.

Password and other items that needs to be changed in corporate email are changed through an IT employee instead of through your own settings, as in personal email.


You can be sure that your mails are not being monitored in your personal email.

Corporate email, on the other hand, is considered an open book to your employer.

Hence, everything from the messages you write to the attachments you send a subject to check and should be kept strictly business.

Unlike a personal email account, corporate email account is maintained and paid for by the company to be used for business purposes.

Some companies will also have stronger password and email security than you would find on a standard account.

This is especially true if information like client names or financial spreadsheets are exchanged via the corporate email system.

Etiquette and Attachments

Personal and corporate-based email systems have different standard etiquette. Though you might send a casual email to a family member or a funny picture to a friend from a personal email account, the same should not be done from a corporate-based email account.

Simultaneously, they should not include any abbreviations or Internet speak.

Attachment sizes may also be different on different email systems. Hotmail offers 10GB attachments via SkyDrive, while Yahoo and Gmail both have a 25MB attachment limit for email. The company you work for may have set a lower limit on attachments sent via the corporate email system.

Importance Of Corporate Email

As we know, it is increasingly important in the market, creating personalized email of the company ([email protected][email protected] etc) as this builds trust and credibility to your business and customers, and professionalize the communication and the service via internet. Adglob Corporate Email Service works with total focus and dedication to provide specialized services for Business E-mails.

Advantages of Corporate Email


  • Monitor the emails of your employees;
  • Increase Results
  • The team focuses only on subjects Professionals, improving the result of the Company;

The Best Technology

  • Mobile Access (Smartphones / Tablets);
  • Professional Organization
  • Modern and Practical Web mail (Registration Contacts / Calendar);

Protecting Your Company

  • E-mails with Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus;

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