Big Data Analytics – Key Stakeholders

In this guide, we will discuss Key Stakeholders in Big Data Analytics. In large organizations, in order to successfully develop a big data project, it is needed to have management backing up the project. This normally involves finding a way to show the business advantages of the project. We don’t have a unique solution to the problem of finding sponsors for a project, but a few guidelines are given below −

  • Check who and where are the sponsors of other projects similar to the one that interests you.
  • Having personal contacts in key management positions helps, so any contact can be triggered if the project is promising.
  • Who would benefit from your project? Who would be your client once the project is on track?
  • Develop a simple, clear, and exiting proposal and share it with the key players in your organization.

The best way to find sponsors for a project is to understand the problem and what would be the resulting data product once it has been implemented. This understanding will give an edge in convincing the management of the importance of the big data project.

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