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Adglob-Database Provider Company

Adglob is a proven Database Provider Company. Here, we concentrate on scraping data from websites and arrange that data into the specified format. 

That is to say, our data scrapers can extract both raw and analytical data which incorporates Text, Files, Images, Links, Product Features, Product Pricing, News, and lots of different contents from multiple websites.

For instance, these various sites incorporate Government Sites, E-trade Portals like Amazon, Walmart, Aliexpress.

Moreover, it also includes :

  • Wide range of Business Directories. For example, Howl, business directory.
  • Classified Websites like Job Portals, Travel, Hotels and Restaurant Sites, Jewelry Websites, Automobile Sites, Real Estate Sites, and some more.

Simultaneously, we have expertise in scratching Professional Networking Sites like LinkedIn.

Therefore, from here we get you an email and contact data of Businesses and Professionals for B2B and B2C companies.

So, with web data extraction we can get your information from any site, only the manner in which you need it.

At this moment, the world is suffering from a pandemic and every one is forced to work from remote areas. Its not possible to collect data using traditional methods. Hence we are providing you with a trust worthy database. Using which you can pacify your minds and work from remote areas and carry out your day to day work effectively.

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With efficient members as a team, we have completed 4 successful years since 2016 in the Service sector and will continue our hard word with the same dedication and upgraded skills only to earn your trust !